Sunday, January 20, 2013

'Make tiny changes to earth'

One of my new friends posted this video link on Facebook, it's about writing love letters to strangers all over the world. When I was a teenager, I lived in a world without instant communication via status updates, tweets and text messages. My friends and I, actually used to write encouraging and supportive love letters, pictures and notes to each other, our boyfriends, and even our parents. I still have many of these stored in shoe boxes at my mum's house. I believe there is something a lot more touching and thoughtful about things that have been handwritten or drawn. Don't get me wrong, I don't know how I'd presently manage if I couldn't speak to my mum regularly on Skype (I'm sorry I lost track of time the other day ~ I love you). 

The video sparked my interest because I love little acts of kindness. I subscribed to to discover how I could become more involved. The 'More love letters' mission is to change the world one love letter at a time, by encouraging people to leave random love notes for others to find, this is called 'love letter your world'. Every month, they also send out a 'call for love letters', this is for 'unsuspecting recipients who are in need of a little handwritten goodness'. I received my first 'call for love letters' earlier this month. The requests are written by their friends or family, some of them are quite moving and emotive. As fate would have it, there was story about someone lacking the confidence to pursue their dream of becoming a teacher. So, this weekend I wrote my first love letter to a complete stranger. I do hope all the love letters they receive help them find the confidence to follow their dreams. 
♥'ing Korean stationery
I'm also contemplating incorporating the monthly the 'call for love letters' into my after-school classes. I'm hoping these stories will help encourage them by giving their writing meaning and purpose, whilst improving their confidence and skills.  

♥ 'make tiny changes to earth' 


  1. Hi Regan, I don't know how I've missed this! I love the idea behind the love letters and have signed up. Keep up the good work, great blog. Julia x