Saturday, April 20, 2013

How far did we get?

Third base. 

Sorry, I've mainly acquired most of my terminology from the baseball euphemisms used in American TV and films. So today, the plan was to watch a baseball game. This was going to be my first live baseball 'match!' Newsbeat scoffed at me when I called it that, she told me that it's a baseball game.
I said, "Well, I don't know, do I". Shortly after this, she started referring to me as 'England'. I told her that'd be 'Miss England' to her, she's not quite picked up the 'Miss' bit yet, I'm still working on it....

We were going to watch the Doosan bears play the Hanhwa Eagles at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Baseball is very popular in Korea. I had been warned that tickets for baseball games tend sell out, so it's best to order them in advance, online. However, the ordering section is all in Korean, so we asked one of our COTs to assist. They told us there were plenty of seats left for Saturday's game, and we should be able to purchase tickets from the box office a couple of hours before. I don't know why, but this invoked my first sense that things mightn't go quite to plan. We also planned to go out in Hongdae after the match, sorry game. 

On Saturday, it was grey, cold and rainy outside. Yet for some reason, I opted to dress for going out later that evening, my hoodie, smart purple top, black jeans, high-heeled black boots and full make-up. Bearing in mind, I have plenty of experience with regards to freezing my arse off at various footy grounds on plastic chairs for 90 mins, this would not seem to be most considered and sensible attire. When I arrived to meet my friends, I found they'd opted for more game appropriate attire, sports hoodies (sweat tops), jeans, trainers, and baseball caps. They were also 'pre-gaming', which basically means drinking beforehand. I noticed there weren't many people around, still we walked round the outside of the Stadium looking for an open box office. We got as far as the sign you see below, before we decided to call it a day. 
We were standing contemplating our options, when an Ajoshi walked past us, whilst talking in Korean he pointed at the ground, pointed at the sky, and then made a cross sign with his arms. It was barely even drizzling, but he confirmed what we had suspected, the game had been rained off'. Gah, we'd struck out! Defeated, we decided to have dinner and drinks together, before heading to Hongdae later.
Hopefully, next time I'll really get to see third base. Heck, my first home run even!   

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