Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My second year has begun, I've been in Korea for one year and two weeks now. Daily life is well daily life really, things are not nearly as challenging and intriguing as there were this time last year. I'm missing England, but for all those quaint rose tinted reasons, such as green rolling hills, lakes and streams, daffodils, bluebells, cobbled streets, Victorian houses, little cottages with thatched roofs,, etc.

I've recently experienced an emotional high from two fantastic weeks travelling around SE Asia (I will back-blog about this later, I plan to do some catch up posts and use blogging to fill my time during the bleak winter.) to a crashing low when I had to say goodbye to several of my close friends, there were hugs and tears. It's also been a tough couple of weeks back in Korea, particularly with regards to numerous incidents involving various adjumma's and adjoshi's. I have been pushed, barged out of the way, stared at, body checked, leered at, publicly shunned, and shouted at by a rather unpleasant elderly intoxicated man. There's nothing like being kicked when you're down. I'm not saying that these things didn't happen on occasion. I mean I'd heard other people talk about them, they'd just very rarely happened to me before. I am aware I'm probably feeling more sensitive and less tolerant than usual. I had a particularly unsettling experience with an elderly Korean gentleman before the Summer holidays. I thought he was being friendly and nice, and he was but it transpired this was because he thought I was a prostitute. This incident creeped me out quite a bit, and it's made me more wary of Korean's being friendly towards me. Plus I'm tired, I've grown weary of some things as we do overtime, and I'm missing home. Generally, I find it quite difficult to write about some of the negative things I've experienced in Korea. There is a very strong sense of national pride here, they really want you to love Korea as much as they do. I feel they can be rather defensive and take some comments quite personally. I have met some lovely people. I have some adorable students (note 'some') and I've been very fortunate to have some fantastic experiences over the last year, but isn't Korea perfect, no where is.

When Sirena left, she told me to try not to compare this year and last year. Sound advice, but I'm as you've read I'm comparing already. I find myself slipping into the odd thought about what I was doing this time last year, and how I felt. I've also begun thinking about the future. So, I'm presently flitting between the past and how I probably won't be here this time next year...

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